Hello Laravel 4

Absolute beginnings with Laravel 4 – getting “Hello World” up and running.

Day 2 with Laravel 4

Getting the most basic of blog displays up and running. Database migrations and seeding.

Day 3 with Laravel - getting auth working

Creating a users table, creating the first user, building a simple auth redirect and login window.

Composer, Packagist & the inevitable swamp.

A brief introduction to Composer for PHP and the Packagist website

Laravel 4 assets - Basset, LESS - Part 1

Getting Basset to work for asset management in Laravel 4.

Laravel & Basset - Part 2 - a custom Bootstrap build

Configuring a custom Bootstrap build from LESS files, then building and minifying with Basset.

Revisiting Laravel 4

A year on, I’m revisiting the Laravel 4 development I started. I’m going to fix the broken things and find new workflows that are going to stand the test of time.

Day 1

The very first steps with CodeIgniter – installing it and writing the first controller and two views.

Day 2

Cleaning up URLs, first steps with passing data from a controller to a view.

Day 3

The beginnings of creating a login-protected admin area using Tank Auth.

Day 4

Fixing errors from Tank auth when logging out. Sessions and flashdata. Styling auth messages.

Day 5

Getting started with dynamic data – first steps with the database, building a blog

Day 6 - a twist in the tale!

Out of the blue comes Laravel. The new kid on the block. Is it going to trump CodeIgniter?